Painting and drawing lessons


The classes are practical, they will allow you to achieve artistic excellence, however, they are not limited to teaching you the workshop and the craft only.

The classes are an excellent opportunity to study figurative painting technique and draftsman ship. You will study and often copy old masters in order to understand realistic painting. You will paint nude models and still life based on observation, you will exercise perspective and human anatomy based on individual parts of the body like hands, legs, arms etc. I will introduce you to the basics of drawing and painting techniques, such as: pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels, acrylic, oil, tempera, watercolor and mix of whole. 

The lessons lasts 2 hours, run throughout the school year, every Friday evening from 20.00-22.00, on the first lesson all the materials included.

With “Ooievaarspas” you wil get discount.

The group is international, spoken languages: English, Dutch, Polish.

Over de docent

Ilona Noworacka is a multidiscyplinary artist based in Den Haag, working with painting, sculpture, installation, collage, drawing, photography, glass and video. Graduated "Autonome Beeldende Kunst" from Willem de Konning Academy in Rotterdam. Actually studies Fine Art & Design Teacher also at WdKA. Founder of up2art4kids art-school for children.
Ilona’s interests lie mostly in symbolic presentation of profound emotional states, for which she use the traditional, figurative way of depiction that may become a little abstract at times. The main subject of her work is mostly a mankind, perceived from an existential perspective. Topics of her works are also based on interpersonal relationships, spiritual quests, sometimes religious and personal experiences. They often relate to all the important questions of human existence, which measures and struggles each of us.



Ilona Noworacka


Other languages,


Beeldende Kunst


In het Koorenhuis, Prinsegracht 27

Aantal lessen:



€ 80 euro,-

Ilona Noworacka

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