Harmony and/or solfège


You can choose one or both of the following subjects:
Harmony (chords/scales, tonalities/progressions, modulations, etc.)
Solfège (rhythm/aural skills, pitch/sight-reading/writing scores)

The method I use also has an online audio (play along), so you can also practice in your house, play/sing along with the online audio: Classical and/or pop/jazz, etc.

In any case, fun is paramount!

What you need to know

The lessons are for all ages/levels and are taught in English, Spanish, Catalan or Portuguese.

Location: Schoolstraat 17 B, 2511 AW The Hague (near the Koorenhuis)
Online lessons are also possible via Skype, Zoom or Face Time!

Weekly lessons: €35 (45 min.) or €45 (60 min.)
Every two weeks: €50 (60 min.)
Duo lessons: €25 (60 min.)

Contact: nunotorresmarques@gmail.com | 0611174680

Over de docent

Nuno is afgestudeerd als Master of Music aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium te Den Haag in '09 en heeft meerdere projecten als bassist en componist/arrangeur. Naast een actief leven als muzikant is Nuno docent piano, contrabas/basgitaar, compositie en muziek theorie; en geeft daarin les aan leerlingen van alle niveaus/leeftijden.

Nuno graduated Master of Music at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in '09, and has several projects as a bassist and composer/arranger. In addition to an active life as a musician, Nuno teaches piano, contrabass/bass guitar, composition and music theory to all levels/ages; in English, Spanish, Catalan or Portuguese.



Nuno Torres Marques






Schoolstraat 17 B, 2511 AW The Hague (near the Koorenhuis)

Nuno Torres Marques