Group ukulele lessons


Would you like to introduce yourself or your child to the beautiful world of music and learn to play an instrument?

Learn to play the ukulele easily with group lessons. Every week we will learn new songs with an easy and progressive method.


The ukulele is a popular harmonic instrument that comes from the guitar family.
It has been shown in several studies that learning in a group is very efficient among children, as well as being fun.
The groups will be determined by age.

Classes are weekly on Wednesdays after school at 1:15 p.m. and 2:15 p.m. in KOO

Classes are in Dutch or English

  • 4 weekly classes
  • 45 minutes in length
  • Minimum class size 4 students
  • Maximum class size 8 students



  • 1 annual payment (40 classes) = € 600 (€ 15 / class) YOU SAVE 20%!!
  • Monthly payment = € 72 / month (€ 18 / class) * (You must pay one month in advance)

older than 21 years old have to pay 21% BTW


Create Your Own Uke Class!

  • Find 5 people (in addition to yourself) to register, and one person gets to take the class for FREE!
  • 4 weekly classes: (Youth – 45 minute classes; Adult – 60 minute classes; Family / combination of ages – 60 minute classes)

It may be another day other than Wednesday. (By appointment)

Over de docent

Music and guitar are my passion. Throughout my life I have been fortunate to enrich myself by learning from the wisdom of great musicians with whom I have played both at the Conservatory in Spain and at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, in addition to various international seminars in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

My philosophy teaching music is based in playing the instrument from the first lesson almost without realizing it, understanding the ins and outs of music to be creative, enjoying the pleasure of playing the guitar and even composing your own songs. 

For younger kids I use different methods such as Suzuki and Totally Guitar so that they learn in a real and musical context, always using backing tracks to learn playing from the beginning.

I am convinced that motivating students with music at an early stage is crucial for them to develop their intellect, memory, senses, motor coordination and body expression. It is also a great way to build good discipline that is applicable to many other aspects of life. Being part of this development and seeing them grow musically is what I enjoy the most.



XImo Sirera





Prinsegracht 27

Aantal lessen:



€ 15€/lesson (price per year),-

XImo Sirera

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