Funk guitar with James Brown


Learn funk guitar with the Music of James Brown. We will learn some of the most well-known songs of James Brown as “Think”, “Cold Sweat”, “Get up (I feel like being) a sex machine”, etc. and funk guitar techniques with different methods. When the students are ready to play some of tunes we will organize combo extra lessons to practice with a real band the material learned.

Wat je moet weten

De les is speciaal voor alle
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De lessen zijn op de Boekhorststraat 87 en Prinsegracht 27 (Koorenhuis)
Kosten zijn 25€ x 30 min / 30€ x 45 min / 40€ x 60 min /

Over de docent

Music and guitar are my passion. Throughout my life I have been fortunate to enrich myself by learning from the wisdom of great musicians with whom I have played both at the Conservatory in Spain and at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, in addition to various international seminars in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

My philosophy teaching music is based in playing the instrument from the first lesson almost without realizing it, understanding the ins and outs of music to be creative, enjoying the pleasure of playing the guitar and even composing your own songs. 

For younger kids I use different methods such as Suzuki and Totally Guitar so that they learn in a real and musical context, always using backing tracks to learn playing from the beginning.

I am convinced that motivating students with music at an early stage is crucial for them to develop their intellect, memory, senses, motor coordination and body expression. It is also a great way to build good discipline that is applicable to many other aspects of life. Being part of this development and seeing them grow musically is what I enjoy the most.



XImo Sirera






XImo Sirera