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The art of painting or drawing begins with: looking. The longer you look, the more you see. The important thing then is, not to represent everything you see but to filter that information, and by doing so to create, with an expression of your own, an image that is yours. In the training course the basic elements of painting and drawing will be dealt with: composition, creation of space effect, contrasts of light and dark, proportions. By acquiring the capabilities this requires, you will be able to go further in your experiments, and to become deeper involved in the properties of the materials, in your own penmanship(handwriting), in shadings and in other techniques of painting and drawing. The individual approach to teaching will allow you to extend your own boundaries and to better approximate your personal self in imagining, in producing fresh ideas and in developing further plans. In the training course you will use for drawing: charcoal, pencil, Indian ink and possibly crayons or pastel colours. In that way you will discover which material is best suited to you and where your strong points are. In spring, when we have good weather, we can also do our drawing activities in the outdoors.

What you need to know:

  • You’ll get 10 classes on Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening or Thursday.
  • Classes on Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening will be at Prinsegracht 27 The class of Thursday 13.30 pm will also be at Prinsegracht 27 and classes on Thursday evening at ZUID 57.
  • Costs are € 255.- for 10 classes.

Over de docent

Saskia E.M. van Dijk Voorburg 1960
Opleiding: KABK Den Haag

Uitgangspunten voor mijn vrije werk zijn vormen, kleuren en structuren die ik tegenkam op mijn reizen naar Mali, aangevuld met eigen beelden en ideeën. Ik werk zowel in het platte vlak als 3-dimensionaal. (zie: www.semvandijk.nl) Naast het beoefenen van mijn kunstenaarschap geef ik teken- en schilderlessen.

“Tekenen en schilderen begint met kijken. Hoe langer je kijkt hoe meer je gaat zien. De kunst is om niet alles wat je ziet weer te geven maar dat te filteren.”



Saskia E.M. van Dijk




Beeldende Kunst


Saskia E.M. van Dijk

Tekenen en schilderen

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