Composition (classic, pop/jazz, etc.)


Learn to translate your creative ideas into your music! During these lessons you learn composition techniques (classical and/or pop/jazz, etc.), to create your own compositions or to improve them.

We discuss what your musical preferences are and which way we go. In any case, fun is paramount!

What you need to know

The lessons are for all ages/levels and are taught in English, Spanish, Catalan or Portuguese.

Location: Schoolstraat 17 B, 2511 AW The Hague (next to the Korenhuis)

Online lessons are also possible via Skype, Zoom or Face Time!

Weekly lessons: €45 (60 min.)
Every two weeks: €50 (60 min.)
Duo lessons: €25 (60 min.)

Contact: | 0611174680

Over de docent

Nuno is afgestudeerd als Master of Music aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium te Den Haag in '09 en heeft meerdere projecten als bassist en componist/arrangeur. Naast een actief leven als muzikant is Nuno docent piano, contrabas/basgitaar, compositie en muziek theorie; en geeft daarin les aan leerlingen van alle niveaus/leeftijden.

Nuno graduated Master of Music at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in '09, and has several projects as a bassist and composer/arranger. In addition to an active life as a musician, Nuno teaches piano, contrabass/bass guitar, composition and music theory to all levels/ages; in English, Spanish, Catalan or Portuguese.



Nuno Torres Marques






Schoolstraat 17 B, 2511 AW The Hague (next to the Korenhuis)

Nuno Torres Marques

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