About KOO

Creating art yourself, learning about art or just looking at art; simply by just being involved with art, moves boundaries and opens doors. Art education the way for everyone, young and old, to discover new interests and talents. It makes space to increase creativity and expand your experiences.

This is KOO’s mission: making art education accessible for everyone who wants it, even if it is not so easy to get. We do this in different ways. KOO organizes art education for primary, secondary and special schools, for projects and in the midst of our society.

Art education at schools and in projects

Social involvement with the city of The Hague is very important to us. Therefore we have several partners we work with regularly in art projects.
In addition we believe it is important that children and youth in schools can meet established cultural organizations.

For example with the course Ontdek het Orkest (discover the orchestra), that can be purchased by both primary and special-needs schools. In this longer course children from grade 6, 7 and 8 from several primary schools in the city learn everything about the The Hague Residentie Orkest. Every school year the children learn about the orchestra, the instruments and about how it feels to make music and to produce it. At the end of the school year the children from 7th grade participate in the play-along concert and the 8th grade has a conducting project. This way pupils are real musicians or conductors for a performance. Even if it is just for a few moments, they can discover how it is to work as a professional musician from the Residentie Orkest. Everything they have learned the past two or three years can be found in these final projects. For many years Ontdek het Orkest has been a great success for the participating schools, the orchestra and of course KOO.

Courses for you

KOO has more to offer than art education for schools. On behalf of private and corporate clients we provide custom-made art education. Looking for a teambuilding activity like a workshop Sing-a-long? Professional art teachers from our community make it possible.

Besides workshops for corporate clients, the teachers offer courses for those who want to spend their free time discovering a new hobby of reviving an old one. There are many opportunities for everybody in literature, music, art, dance and photography and media. All ages, novice or advanced, big or small companies, expats and people with special needs – KOO’s art education is for everybody!

Do you want to know more about our courses? Please click here for all courses and possibilities to enroll.

Any other question for KOO or do you want to know more about corporate workshops? Don’t hesitate and send an e-mail to info@koo.nl  or call 070 – 707 17 22. We gladly explore your wishes and options for custom-made art education.

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